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Please Note


Your age, race, religion, gender, orientation, size, and physical dis/ability play no role in my decision to see you. Your time spent in my presence is judgement free and always courteous. 

Respect is sexy. I will always be considerate and polite, I expect the same from you. Disrespect, foul or crass behavior will not be tolerated. 

I will always be showered, groomed, and fresh. I expect the same from you. 



Screening is crucial to planning any engagement, without it I cannot see you. Please fill out my discreet and encrypted booking form to schedule our rendezvous. 

I accept Private DelightsP411 or RS-AVS

To ensure my safety, I ask for the bare minimum information. I require your full name, phone number, email, and a verifiable reference of another independent provider whom you have seen in the last 6 months. 

Alternatively, without references I offer a discreet employment verification.

I have no desire to meddle in your personal life. Please understand that screening is nonnegotiable. 

                         Deposits + Cancellations

Deposits are required for dates extending 3+ hours. Electronic deposits are required in advance and can be made via Cashapp. 
I understand life happens. In the event of a cancellation, I ask that you inform me as soon as possible and send a $100 cancellation fee.

Last minute cancellations -within 24 hours require 50% of the total donation.
In the case that I cancel on you, and you have paid a deposit, it will of course be returned  you. 

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